Student Record

Elite Training Institute Pty Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. You have the right to see and review your personal and training file at any time provided you organise it with the Director with a minimum of 2 days notice. We have a Privacy Policy that sets out the way we handle personal information, including the use and disclosure of personal information and rights to access your personal information. Elite Training Institute Pty Ltd will exercise strict control over confidential information. If a third party requires client information we will require your prior written consent prior to the release of any information.

Complaints and Appeal

Elite Training Institute maintains a supportive and fair environment, which allows training participants, staff and stakeholders to lodge complaints. Complaints and appeals process from the Administration Manager or from our website

Support & Assessment

The teaching staff of Elite Training Institute Pty Ltd are available to provide general advice and assistance with matters such as studying, homework, accommodation, English language problems and counselling. Students requiring special or intensive assistance will be referred to an appropriate external service.

Student Survey

Students who have undergone the program are required to complete a training and employment survey within three months of completing or have discontinued for whatever reason.