Children get only one childhood. Make it memorable.

Yes! Of course each child matters. People always thought of children as simple as little adults. The modern psychology has destroyed that theory. Every child goes through many stages of social development. A child may play alone happily. A child wanders onto the scene; He/she may be physically pushed of the way by the other. But a child will not remember you, only on what you do.

Children must be taught of ‘’How to think’’ not what to think about. Encourage them with simple ways to create their beautiful childhood. And children must need to learn to take responsibility for their actions so that they will not become adults believing nothing is ever their fault.

There are five key outcomes that really matter for children and young people’s well-being:

  1. By being healthy:
    Enjoying very good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle
  2. Staying safe:
    Being protected from any harms and neglect and growing up able to look after them will always be
  3. Enjoying and achieving: 
    Getting the most out of there life and developing broad skills for adulthood
  4. Making a positive contribution: 
    To the society and to community and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour that might cause them to become a bad child
  5. Economic well-being: 
    This is about overcoming socio-economic in life disadvantages to achieve their full potential that everything will be possible as they tried their very best in life.

By achieving these five, a child will have a better confidence on his or her self and will have a better grip in understanding one’s existence and purpose. A child may have a hard time in understanding these things for the mean time but at least, they have a depth foundation in understanding it in the near future.

For every child, education is the way to develop and understand more of their being and also to develop themselves more and more. Learning through simple things is the first step until they become the one who is responsible for everything in their life. It may lead them to have a better life and a successful one. Thus, this is why every child matters.


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