In the most recent decade, the limits of calling teachers have transformed rather dramatically to as educators. As time goes by, teachers’ role has turned into a greater complexity for what society brings, the parts customarily ascribed with educators have taken new importance. In the case of educators of young children their role has to expand in cases of their duties, responsibilities, understanding and also their patience that were often considered to be part of the home.

We can call our teacher as an example of a hero. Although, they struggle and there are a lot of challenges that an educator may encounter, they still stand as a leader to train students and children. One of the challenges that an educator may encounter are the following: inadequate time and lack of bond with the child and the parents. These can lead to students’ or children’s carefreeness and rebellion in the future.

What contributes to a teacher stress? There are so many things that can contribute their stress. How to deal and manage it?

One main reason why an educator encounters the problem of stress: They may be burnout physically and emotionally drained in teaching young children. If these happen, most of them choose to leave the industry and pursue occupations that are less stressful. With that case, this leads to a high demand of teacher turnovers and causes a shortage of qualified early childhood educators which eventually interferes with the quality of care the children enrolled in early childhood programs.

Second, stress may be caused by lack of money or sometimes educators have ideas that he/she wants or need in the classroom. Often times, teachers have seen great things that will enhance the skills and would encourage them to try new things that would also help students to learn but sadly they don’t have the resources to make this happen. Another one is educators also need moral support and recognition for them to realize that they are doing great at work.

These challenges that they face are mostly the common problem of teachers but there are also things to cope up stress. One is start off your day breathing or sitting still. Those can help teachers to start the day more relaxed. Second is sharing your passion of teaching and this can build an educator’s support to other people. And lastly, invest time to exercise together with the children or students. This can also build relationship to them.

Most teachers really face those problem but we all know that they gave all their best to educate students and help them to learn. Even though they struggle, still they are a hero.


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