One of the best gifts to a married couple is to have a child. By having a child it reminds us that life has many chances and hope. When a new-born baby enters in this world their cry is the only voice we hear from them, a cry from an innocent creation looking for someone ready to give care and love to them.

Every child needs a hero, a hero that can protect, guide and love them. A smile from a child gives us happiness and hope especially to their mother who gave birth to them. Every parent is a hero to their child since they give their best to protect them and provide their needs. A Child’s life is full of happiness their unlimited laugh and smiles that we always see from their innocent faces gives strength towards their parents. Let them continue to laugh and let them learn or find new things that they didn’t know yet, let them be creative and help then to be a talented one.

Do you love kids? Do you love the way they smile?

Be a hero not only to your child but to all children that needs your power. Today a lot of children need a hero to save them. It is really sad to think that some of them have no family to take good care of them. It is not easy to live without parents. Imagine those street children who find food for them to survive. Also, they are the one who protect themselves in times of trouble and sickness. The street is their houses a hard concrete floor is their bed and a newspaper is their blanket. These children need a hero, a family to care for them and to love them.

A childhood care is really important for our kids because we need to mold their minds in order for them to discover their self. Being a child educator is heroic because of them our kids are in the right way of life. This job starts from being a mother or a father to your child. Others say that parents are our best teacher. Our children educators at school also have a big role in molding our children, they are the one who guides your child at school and taught them lot of things, the one who protects them and make their life have a better future, a teacher that spends their life teaching to educate them, a childhood teacher that planting ideas and knowledge of each children’s brain. Also, a teacher who gave care that treats them as their own child is a hero.

Be a childhood educator just prepare and take them into a good way of life. Open their eyes and mold their mind for the near future. Nowadays the only best gift that we can give to our children is education that helps them grow not only to be a good person but also a professional someday.

Furthermore being a hero is not about having a supernatural power to save them but we only need willingness to our self to make a better change for them. Let the children learn and discover things for them to be able to grow as good citizens someday because the children are the people’s future.


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